Doomsday Clock


This unique clock has been part of our collection for many years, and with good reason. The striking design is both contemporary and traditional, making use of positive and negative space.  It asks the question, is time being eroded or is it being filled in? 

We create this piece by cutting an Irregular profile in thick steel, then sanding it to a bright reflective silver finish.   The entire clock is held away from the wall 1 1/4" with a framework welding at the back.  It hangs from a hidden bracket that is perfectly balanced.  We use an AA battery mechanism in this clock (battery not included) and the piece comes packaged in a sturdy box.
Approximate 16'' diameter.

This piece is sealed with a clear, rust-resistant coating. Like fine furniture, care should be taken not to scratch or damage the finish, as this could expose the metal to oxidation. We recommend that this piece only be used in climate-controlled indoor settings.