When we picked the name "Metallic Evolution", we thought it would work well to allow us to grow and morph as we developed our line.  Adding wood to the mix is a quite a leap in the evolution, but for John, it really is about going back to his start in cabinet making.

John's woodwork is unusual in that it combines the skill of two professions into one. His furniture all starts with a sturdy ‘heart’ of steel, the structure that supports the piece. Solid wood slabs, most with a natural edge, have a silky smooth finish and add warmth and depth to the design. John mills all his own lumber out of locally sourced hardwood logs. This gives him a broad range of beautiful woods to select from for each furniture piece.

Most of the items produced are custom order or one-of-a-kind pieces. We do offer a couple of smaller table styles that are fairly similar and we have just added a new collection of wood & steel desk clocks.

For anything else, please feel free to contact us for details on what we might have in stock or could design for you.