About Us

Whew, John and Heather have been busy! We are a husband and wife team who are the sole designers, and, with the help of one assistant, the makers of this extensive body of work.   Who knew when John gave Heather a welder for a birthday present that it would evolve into all this.   After over 25 years, we are still enjoying the process of bringing a new design to life in steel.

We make everything at our studio on the family farm in southwest Ontario. Our backgrounds in custom wood cabinets and costume design have served us well in developing the design and practical skills needed to create in this medium. Both of us are “tool junkies” and have kitted out our workshop with a wide variety of metal and woodworking equipment. This has allowed us to continue to expand the scope and style of work we do. From large, custom wall sculptures to easy-to-ship clocks and mirrors, to serving utensils and jewelry, we are continually adding new designs into the mix. Top it off with one of a kind wood and steel tables, and you have Metallic Evolution!

Ultimately, our goal is to design and produce beautiful objects to enhance daily life. We hope you enjoy what we made for you.  

Metal Art
Metal art is a broad description that includes our extensive collection of steel mirrors, clocks, ornaments, and metal wall sculpture pieces. While designs are produced in small production batches, we still individually hand cut, sand, weld, and bend each piece so no two designs are ever alike.  Our collections are made in either a brightly sanded steel, suitable for indoor use or naturally rusted finish for no-maintenance year-around outdoors.  

Stainless Steel Serving Utensils
This collection of serving ware is all cold-forged in high quality stainless steel.  Part tool, part sculpture, these utensils add a new dimension to the act of serving food.  We individually create each piece so no two are identical.  The leaf details are hammered to add contrasting texture the brightly polished handles.  Each piece is dishwasher safe and ready to use.  

Stainless Steel Jewellery
Heather Zondervan has developed a line of stainless steel jewelry, under the label of Sasha the Czar. Employing similar processes used in Metallic Evolution, this jewelry collection falls well beyond the borders of conventional technique.  Stainless steel is a very hard material and is rarely hand worked on this small scale.  The result is unexpected and stands alone in the marketplace.  

Wood & Steel Furniture
John Zondervan is a woodworker at heart. His work is unusual in that it combines the skill of two professions into one. His furniture all starts with a sturdy ‘heart’ of steel, the structure that supports the piece. Solid wood slabs, most with a natural edge, have a silky smooth finish and add warmth and depth to the design. John mills all his own lumber out of locally sourced hardwood logs. This gives him a broad range of beautiful woods to select from for each furniture piece