Bamboo Wall Sculpture, rust


We all have them - those narrow spaces that are too empty on their own, but what do you put there?  Consider this Bamboo Wall Sculpture.  Gently curved rods with 3D leaves are held 1'' away from wall by rounded steel frame. Hangs horizontally or vertically. Finished in a natural rust patina. (Also available in natural metallic colour with darkened leaves)

Stainless steel pins hold the piece away from the wall, creating interesting depth as well as adding some protection from staining to exterior walls.

Once welding is complete, we let nature finish the job with a rust patina.  That means this design can hang outdoors year around with no maintenance needed.  Rust colouring will vary, but in an outdoor setting, it will gradually darken the finish to a deep uniform tobacco colour.

Did you want to use this indoors?  We recommend sealing it with a clear lacquer designed for metal such as Rustoleum or Tremclad, available at most hardware and building stores.  This won't add a bright shine, but will reduce scaling.

If you want us to seal it, select that option here.

Approx. 6 1/2" x 34" to the outermost points