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Okay, we admit it. This is a hobby gone WAY out of control.  Who knew when John first bought a welder for Heather's birthday, that it would develop into this? Happily for us, after nearly 25 years, we still enjoy this work....and it is true, hard to believe but we really, really do make all this stuff.

Spring 2020 Update
In light of current world events, it's hard to make firm plans.  Like everyone else, we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation and will update this page accordingly.  At this time, we 're not able to open our studio/gallery doors for you to visit.  However, we are continuing with our work and are able to fulfill orders promptly or can be reached daily by phone or email.  For locals wanting to purchase, we will happily deliver items to your car if you would like to come pickup.  For those not in our local area, we are offering FREE SHIPPING until April 30, 2020*.  Just enter discount code SPRING2020 at checkout, or contact us directly.