Product Care


All pieces in the line of shiny metal work are made of mild steel, polished, then coated with a rust-resistant finish.  As with fine furniture, care should be taken to ensure that the finish is not scratched, or that the piece is not used in damp areas such as outdoors, as this could expose the steel to possible oxidation.

Coasters will benefit from occasional applications of clear lacquer, designed for metal, such as Tremclad Clear or Rustoleum. Applying a lubricant, such as Vaseline, to the bumpers under coasters will prevent them from clinging together.  Clocks all have flexible hands, which may be pushed out of shape during shipping.  Confirm that hands are all straight and parallel (and if necessary, nudge back into place) before using a battery.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or soak in water - clean only with a damp cloth and dry well.  As each piece is made by hand, irregularities in the design or finish are a natural part of the work and enhance its uniqueness.

We do our best to polish all parts of the metal work.  Nonetheless, caution should be taken as some designs may have sharp edges and should not be used around small children or in high traffic areas.


This line of work was specifically designed to be installed and enjoyed in an outdoor setting – exterior house walls, fences, garages are all perfect locations to enhance with these unique art pieces.

Each item in this grouping has been made of uncoated steel and has been deliberately designed to be rustic.  We have given the pieces a head start in developing the rust finish.  Once installed outside, this finish will mature into a deep brown patina.  Any existing irregularities, scratches, and marks on the piece will blend and change over time.

We have added stainless steel spacer pins to the back of many pieces. These add visual depth to the artwork as well as give some protection to wall surfaces. Each piece has a hanger designed to be hung on a screw in the wall, for best security.  In most cases, use a 1 ½” long wood screw, leaving about ½” – ¾” out of the wall.

All items in this collection can be enjoyed outdoors year around with no maintenance required.  If you prefer to install this artwork indoors, we recommend sealing it with a clear spray paint designed for metal, to prevent scaling.


All items in this collection are made of stainless steel. No maintenance is required to keep this work in it's original condition. The chains and earwires are all made of sterling silver and have a darkened, oxidized finish on them. This is a natural patina and will not rub off on clothing or the skin. If the jewelry is worn regularly, the silver may become more polished on areas making contact with the skin. Storing the jewelry in and open box or drawer, exposed to the air (rather than a sealed container) will help to maintain the darkened patina. At any time, we are happy to refinish any pieces at no cost!