Bird Ring, dark


Who can ever get enough of bird art?   Our 'Bird Ring' is actually more like wall sculpture, not just flat 2D art.  We hand bend the ring out of 1/4" rod, creating several layers, then weld a few straight pieces of metal for our birds to perch on.  Once it's welded, we use heat to colour the metal to a deep blue-grey tone.  After that is it sealed with a clear, rust-resistant coating. The colour and the shape of the ring never comes out exactly the same, but isn't that the beauty of handcrafted work?  The ring is approximately 15'' in diameter, and includes a separate simple mounting hook so that it swings freely. This piece is designed for dry, indoor use.  While it has been sealed, if used outdoors, it will eventually begin to show rust (the solution for outdoor use?  Order this piece in a rust finish). 

These two birds make a great gift for 'love birds' getting married, house warming gift or celebrating an anniversary