Garden Globe Stand


Note: because of the height, these stands are only available for pickup at our store, not eligible for shipping.  The glass itself can be purchased/shipped separately.

We create this stylized steel stand here in our metal studio.  It has been designed to support the colourful glass garden globes created by local glass blowers Blown Away Glass.  

This piece adds height and interest to your garden, but is also stable enough to stand on your deck with a cluster of potted plants.  The hole in the lower support allows you to grow plants up through, insert a potted plant (or put the glass globe below and a potted plant on top).  And we are happy to say, this metal stand with the glass, can stay outdoors year around.  We love it best in the winter, seeing the glass shimmering in the snow.   It's natural rust finish is maintenance-free and will naturally weather and darken over the years.

This stand is available in three heights.  Keep in mind that you will lose at least 4" of height when the stand has been pushed into the ground.  The metal leaf brackets at the top are flexible to support a 5" glass ball.

Sometimes we have these pieces in stock, at other times we make them to order, approx. 2 - 3 weeks turn around time. Contact us if you'd like to know what is on hand now.