Is it a sheep? A cow? Dog?  Well, what this planter is might be up to interpretation, but all will agree that it is quirky and cute!   We designed this piece to look great stuffed with plants and flowers all summer long, then filled with greenery for the holidays (and through the winter if it stays outdoors).  And if that is too much work, that face looking at you can be enough, no need to fill the body frame.

We make the planter out of two types of steel. The head is galvanized which can vary from a mottled bright silver to dull silver over time. The body will develop a rust finish which requires no maintenance. 

While we use a pattern to create this piece, no two planters ever have quite the same expression on their face.  We are happy to send you pictures of current stock if you really care.  This piece includes the cocoa matting liner needed for summer plantings.

Click here for some suggestions on how to fill the planter.