Here is a little personality for your garden or home!  We call them Sheep, but others see them as cows, goats, dogs,' s in the eye of the beholder.  The head is galvanized steel. Over time it will dull a bit, but will stay silver. The body and legs are untreated steel and will rust naturally, the perfect no-maintenance support for this creature indoors or out.

How is this a planter? A heavy cocoa-matting liner from any nursery can be used to line the bottom and sides of the body cavity. Add a plastic bag to retain moisture (but poke a few drainage holes) then top with soil and plants. As plants grow, they will droop over the top and sides, enveloping the planter.  Good choices are trailing plants, but have fun with some unexpected tall stems as well.

To create the look with greenery as pictured here, cut spruce or pine branches approx 20" long. Begin tucking them into the body, horizontally and vertically to create a grid work.  This will now support branches tucked in from every direction.  Once the body is sufficiently stuffed, use clippers to trim the greens to shape.

This planter measures  20" long, 26" tall to top of head and approximately 11" wide.

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