Cottonwood Leaf Frame


Surround yourself with nature!  It will be easy for you to find a home for this leaf, either outdoors or inside your home. 

We create these leaves by bending an irregular steel frame out of 3/4" wide steel. The leaf is hand-cut and frames are individually formed, no two are exactly alike.  We hammer the leaf slightly to give it a natural shape then weld it suspended within the frame.  On the back a hidden saw tooth bracket makes mounting easy.  A finishing touch, stainless steel pins are added to the frame. This holds the piece away from the wall, creating interesting visual depth as well as adding some protection to wall.

Once the welding is done, we let nature finish the job with a rust patina.  That means this design can hang outdoors year around with no maintenance needed. If you prefer to install inside, we recommend sealing the surface with a clear finish designed for metal such as Tremclad or Rustoleum, to reduce scaling.

This design is available in in two sizes, approximate sizes to outer corners. Rust colouring will vary, but in an outdoor setting will gradually darken the finish to a deep uniform tobacco colour.

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