Wholesale Purchasing via Indieme.com

If you have placed an order with us via Indieme.com and received a notification that the order is ready, follow these instructions to submit payment online, by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

1. Log into your Indieme account, click on BUYER, and select My Orders from the dropdown menu.  You will now see all your orders

2. Find the Metallic Evolution order and click on the Pay Now button on the right.

3. On the Make a Payment page, at the Payment Method option, select Pay by Paypal (even if you want to pay by visa).  Then click Submit Payment at the bottom of page.
4.  You now have the choice to pay by PayPal (login to your PayPal account here) or follow the link at the bottom to pay by credit card or Visa Debit.
5.  If you selected pay by credit or Visa Debit, the next screen will allow you to securely enter your payment details and click Pay Now at the bottom.  We are notified that your payment has been submitted, but all financial details are encrypted and none of that info is passed onto us.  You will receive confirmation that payment has been accepted, and we will get your order on it's way to you!